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Mass links :

Multilingual Action Coalition (MAC) P.O. Box 934 Amherst, MA 01002 Dedicated to promoting the needs of the multilingual communities of Amherst, Massachusetts and surrounding areas.

Becoming Bilingual in the Amigos Two-Way Immersion Program (1998) – Cambridge

Information on the Framingham Bilingual Program is available at :

Mass English Plus Coalition, E-mail: , Phone: (617) 457-8885, 126 High Street, Boston, MA 02110,

Office of Bilingual Education and Language Services, 26 Court St. 6th Floor, Boston, MA 02108

An Act relative to the teaching of English in Public Schools (“Unz” initiative)’content/Bilingual_Education/Massachusetts_Bilingual_Ed/MA_Unz_Initiative_Text.pdf


An Act to Promote Choices in Bilingual Education for Students & Parents

Statewide Ballot Question Committees – 2001 Year-End Reports

LRCCWM Language Rights for Children Coalition of Western Massachusetts

Harvard shuns Unz – Report says Calif. bilingual plan fails the test 6/4/02 Cambridge Chronicle By Deborah Eisner

The Civil Rights Project – School Segregation Briefing

Latinos in Massachusetts: Education – A Review of the Literature on Bilingual Education by Lorna Rivera April 2002

Other related links :

Breaking the Code: Colorado’s Defeat of the Anti-Bilingual Education Initiative (Amendment 31) Colorado No on Amendment 31 page A National Study of School Effectiveness for Language Minority Students’ Long-Term Academic Achievement Final Report: Project 1.1 Principal Investigators: Wayne P. Thomas – George Mason University Virginia P. Collier – George Mason University Project Period: July 1996 – June 2001The strongest predictor of L2 student achievement is amount of formal L1 schooling. The more L1 grade-level schooling, the higher L2 achievement.”

School Effectiveness for Language Minority Students” – Thomas and Collier, George Mason University – National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education, The George Washington University Center for the Study of Language and Education, Washington, D.C.

Stanford 9 English Scores Show – A Consistent Edge For Bilingual Education – by James Crawford – April 15, 2000

Californians Together: A Roundtable for Quality Education – Bilingual Schools Make Exceptional Gains on the State’s Academic Performance Index (API) Children in Bilingual Education Classes Performed Better in Tests of Academic Achievement Than Students Receiving Most of Their Instruction in English

Portraits of Success – National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE) – information on successful bilingual districts is at :

The Achievement Gap – January 16, 2002 – Denis O’Leary, League of United Latin American Citizens – Far West Region Press Release Contact: Denis O’Leary, Education Advisor, Far West Region, (AZ, CA, CO, HI, NV, OR, UT, WA), LULAC (805) 815-4442 According to recently released Stanford 9 data, the gap between English fluent and non English fluent students has increased.

Education Policy Analysis Archives – Volume 10 Number 7 January 25, 2002 ISSN 1068-2341 – A peer-reviewed scholarly journal – Editor: Gene V Glass – College of Education – Arizona State University “…we present a comprehensive summary of scaled-score achievement means and trajectories for California’s LEP and non-LEP students for 1998-2000. Our analyses indicate that although scores have risen overall, the achievement gap between LEP and EP students does not appear to be narrowing”

Bilingual Education, the Acquisition of English, and the Retention and Loss of Spanish by Stephen Krashen

Second Language Acquisition and Second Language Learning, originally published by Pergamon Press in 1981, is now available on the internet at It can be viewed free of charge.

Condemned Without A Trial – Bogus Arguments Against Bilingual Education” Stephen D. Krashen – Heinemann, Portsmouth, NH, (Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development) Steve Concidine’s CLAD Study Guide for teachers – Study Guides include: 2nd Language Acquisition, BICS/CALP, Krashen, Cummins, Key Vocabulary, Federal/State Law, Legislative Time Lines, Bilingual Education Programs, Current Research, Linguistics, Culture, Practice Test Items, Sample Essays and much more. Featuring Links To Dr. Stephen Krashen’s Editorials, E-mails, Articles, and Short Papers

Troubling Trends, Paying for Other Districts’ Sins by Steve Concidine

Dr. Stephen Krashen’s Editorial / Opinion Page –

What Can We Learn About the Impact of Proposition 227 from SAT-9 Scores? Kenji Hakuta

Follow up on Oceanside

Kenji Hakuta’s Points on SAT-9 Performance and Proposition 227


What Can We Learn About the Impact of Proposition 227 – An Analysis of Results from 2000. Jennifer Evelyn Orr, Yuko Goto Butler, Michele Bousquet, and Kenji Hakuta Stanford University August 15, 2000

CABE – California Association for Bilingual Education

Best Evidence: Research Foundations of the Bilingual Education Act – James Crawford – National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education March 1997

Proposition 227’s Second Anniversary: Triumph or Travesty? Jill Kerper Mora, Ed.D San Diego State University

What Do the SAT-9 Scores for Language Minority Students Really Mean? Jill Kerper Mora San Diego State University

A Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Bilingual Education by Jay P. Greene Assistant Professor of Government University of Texas at Austin March 2, 1998

NCBE Home Page –

Class Dismissed – Bilingual Education Under Siege and English-Only Is No Way to Learn – By Stephen D. Krashen

Why Bilingual Education? ERIC® Clearinghouse on Rural Education and Small Schools by Stephen Krashen EDO RC 96-8 (January 1997)

Supplemental Declaration of Lily Wong Fillmore –

Research and studies that have dealt with bilingual education and the use of the native language in general

Estudios e investigaciones académicas que han tratado de la educación bilingüe y el uso del idioma natal en general

Proposition 227 and Skyrocketing Test Scores: An Urban Legend from CaliforniaStephen Krashen California – Many are seeing now that Ron Unz’s Prop. 227 which dismantled bilingual ed is a failure.


Bilingual Research Journal –

Is One Year /180 Days Enough? – Stephen Krashen

Obituary – The Bilingual Education Act – 1968 – 2002 by James Crawford

Supreme Court, State of ColoradoIn the Matter of the Title, Ballot Title and Submission Clause for Proposed Initiatives 2001-2002 #21 and #22 (“English Language Education”)

Dr. Cummins’ ESL and Second Language Learning Web

CTA California Educator – What hath Prop. 227 wrought? What’s the fallout of Dismantling bilingual education?

English for the Children: The New Literacy of the Old World Order, Language Policy and Educational Reform – Kris D. Gutiérrez, Patricia Baquedano-López, Jolynn Asato

E-mail for a copy of California SAT-9 Testing Results Statewide Percentile Ranking Class Comparison Grade 2-LEP and Non-LEP Results “By removing native language support at the early grade levels we seem to be preventing growth for our students.”

More Great Links and Editorials from Bilingual Services

Silence from Oceanside and the Future of Bilingual Education by Kenji Hakuta

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